Gravel West


We are excited to bring back the Gravel West Adventure Ride for another year. We've got a few new wrinkles for everyone via the course and a schedule that hopefully allows everyone a chance to ride while maintaining social distancing.

This year is truly going to be an adventure, we will be riding through a combination of road, gravel, grass, mud, sand, and probably water. We've been reworking the course the last couple of weeks to keep the course fresh and new for all. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO EMAILS leading up to the event if there is a last minute change to the course that is going to be the only way we can get a hold of everyone. We ask that people PLEASE DO NOT park in the Gear West parking lots. A parking map is provided.

This event is for fun. Fun means different things to different people. We'd like to accommodate everyone, but logistically we will not have everyone ride together this year. We are opening it up all weekend long (October 16th-18th). That means you will need to document your ride. - this can be done by strava/gramin or any ride tracking apps/computers. Also this can be done through Instagram. We ask you to tag @gearwest and use the hashtag #makingtracks if you would like to be included in any of the contest we will be running.

Win Prizes!

Prizes will be selected at random.

Ways to win:

Document your ride via Garmin or Strava and join the Gear West club on Strava

Tag us on Instagram and Facebook use our hashtags #makingtracks#gearwestfun

Full Course: 75mi Gravel West Adventure Ride

Choose Your Own Adventure: Cyclocross Special 50mi, Flora n' Fauna 40mi, Short n' Sweet Sights 35mi

Ride it on your own or meet at Gear West Sunday morning at 9:00am

See you then!
For more information about the routes email