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The world’s best athletes rely on Fischer skis, boots, and equipment to carry them to victory. For proof of this, one need only look at the numbers: 38 gold medals at the Sochi games, 23 golds at the 2013 FIS World Championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy, and equally dominant performances at every major event going back decades.

To maintain this dominance, Fischer works tightly with these medal winning athletes, including Dario Colongia, Petter Northug Jr., Kikkan Randall, Marit Bjoergen, and many more to constantly develop new products that push the boundaries of performance and set the standard for the rest of the industry. The products developed for the exacting standards these professionals require carry the “Race Code” seal, and Gear West further verifies the quality of every single pair of skis using their flex tester to ensure you have the fastest nordic equipment in the world.

Read on below to learn about the latest developments from the Fischer Race Department.



The Speed Max Champion


Reduced to what matters: the new Speedmax Skate stands out through its extremely light weight and high performance. Not only overall World Cup winners such as Marit Björgen (NOR), Darya Domracheva (BLR), Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR) and Eric Frenzel (GER) are highly enthusiastic about this carbon lightweight and its technologies.

Thanks to its design the ultralight cuff made of high-strength carbon fibres unites all the benefits you need for victory in Nordic racing: extremely light weight, excellent side stability and best forward freedom of movement.

The heart of the new Speedmax Skate is a threedimensional carbon shell. Outer sole, insole and side stabilisation elements are manufactured from the same sheet of carbon. The perfectly tuned integration of all elements in a chassis offers decisive benefits: previously unattained light weight with optimum stability and power transfer.

Two parts for one big performance every time: the split construction enables a 50% saving in weight compared to the Xcelerator Skate sole. Developed for the world’s top racers, Super Skate Race sole forms the perfect entity with the Integral Carbon Chassis.
RCS Skate Carbon Boot

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Americans on Fischer

With the launch of the RCS Skate Carbon and the established success of the SpeedMax ski, a huge shift has occurred amongst America's best skiers. No less than six members of the United States 2014 Olympic team switched boot brands and committed to ski on the full Fischer Race Code system; ski, boot, and binding. We asked each of them why they chose Fischer boots. Here's what they had to say:

Kikkan Randall

Kikkan Randall

"I have thoroughly tested both the classic and skating boots, and I have a very good feeling as they fit my feet very well."

Andy Newell

Andy Newell

"The combination of NIS bindings and Fischer boots has exceeded all my expectations. The boots have helped me to ski much more efficiently by allowing me to use a more complete and fluid kick."

Sadie Bjornsen

Sadie Bjornsen

"I love these boots!"

Simi Hamilton

Simi Hamilton

"From the first time I skied in the new Fischer skate and classic boots, I knew that I was wearing the best XC race boots out there."

Sophie Caldwell

Sophie Caldwell

"My Fischer boots are light, stable, and put me in a good forward position. I feel they’ve helped me a lot with my technique."

Kris Freeman

Kris Freeman

"The boots are stiffer, lighter, and better fitting than any other boot I have used. The first time I put the new Fischer boot on, I knew there was nothing that was going to keep me from competing in it this season."





Inspiration, perfectionism and striving for success are the driving forces for the Fischer development team. New in the 15l16 line: Speedmax with the revolutionary winning technology Cold Base Bonding enters the second round and is now available in a greater variety of models. The new Precision Pairing System ensures accurate ski selection and optimised pairing through double and thus even more precise measuring of the skis. The finishing touch now comes from Finish First: the term that covers and unites all the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base.

The unique technological process which avoids the combination of heat and pressure when the base is applied. With this approach the homogeneity of the molecular structures is retained and the individual pores of the base remain intact in their original form. This achieves previously unattained wax absorption and considerably enhanced grinding qualities. Furthermore, different reactions to changes in temperature of the materials used for the ski body and base are efficiently absorbed. For perfect performance at all times – regardless of changes in temperature!

The term that unites the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base: starting with the basic grinding and then structural grinding to prewaxed. The fully optimised finishing process consists of many components which have a common goal: optimising the speed of the skis. This is achieved through the minimisation of the thermal stress on the base in the course of the different CNC controlled grinding and structure processes. Finish First: everything that makes the ski fast!

The next generation in ski pairing: fully automatic dynamic measuring of a multitude of pairing criteria means that ski properties are documented with even greater precision. This exact technical data means optimum, computercontrolled pairing. The new Precision Pairing System thus ensures accurate ski pairing and consequently optimum ski choice.

SpeedMax Classic Plus

Previously available only in the Carbonlite S-Track Classic, the 902 camber used for the SpeedMax Classic Plus is the best of all worlds; the pocket rides high when open yet “flips” incredibly hard to provide unrivaled grip in the kick phase.


New SpeedMax Classic Cold

The A5 base material and lower riding 812 camber make the SpeedMax Classic Cold ideal for dry and cold snow. It is renowned for being a stable ride and offering “push-button” kick.


SpeedMax Skate Plus

The 610 camber/28 base material combination is the same one which made the Carbonlite S-Track so dominant at the World Cup and Olympics. With the right grind, the Plus model works in nearly any conditions.


New SpeedMax Skate Cold

Using Fischer’s A5 “cold” base, the SpeedMax Skate Cold is more suited to dry, low humidity climates. Like the Plus, it uses the 610 camber and is adaptable enough to be useful in most conditions with an appropriate grind.


SpeedMax Skate C-Special

Extremely transformed and high moisture conditions can be very difficult to compensate for; the C-Special’s graphite-free base material gives you the edge in these notoriously difficult conditions.

Gear West Signature Service

Get the most out of your new SpeedMax

As dominant and revolutionary as the SpeedMax is, part of its success is due to the support Fischer provides its athletes to ensure each has a fleet of skis that will contain the fastest possible skis in all conditions. Each pair of skis used race day has been carefully selected to have the ideal flex characteristics and base structure for the conditions the athlete will face.

Here at Gear West, we give every ski fit the same level of care and attention that the pros get when building their fleets. You may not need or want as many pairs as them, but using our Signature Flex Tester and Tazzari RP-23 stone grinder we can select and tune your new SpeedMax to enhance their performance for any set of conditions you need.

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Since its introduction in 2008, the Carbonlite name has become synonomous with innovation and performance. Fischer athletes have become ever more dominant on the World Cup on Carbonlite skis and boots, and although Fischer’s relentless inovation has produced even more groundbreaking products, the entire Carbonlite family continues to see widespread usage in elite competition.

The current Carbonlite ski remains the lightest ski in the Fischer line at 980 grams for the skate models, a full 50 grams lighter than the SpeedMax. The Carbonlite Air Core saves this weight through the use of carbon plys that run under the topsheet and along the base. The core design also serves to give the Carbonlite models a “snappier” feel that some athetes prefer and, when partered with the 115 and 812 mold shapes, a more stable-feeling ski. Finally, for athletes looking for optimal classical performance around the freezing point, the Carbonlite Zero+ remains the go-to ski in Fischer athetes’ fleets.


Carbonlite Classic Plus


Carbonlite Skate Plus


Speedmax Classic Zero+

Carbonlite Boots

Carbonlite Classic


Carbonlite Skate


Like the Carbonlite ski, the Carbonlite boot models are still the choice of Fischer athletes across the globe. Though many athletes have switched to the RCS Skate Carbon for the skate discipline, others have chosen to remain on the Carbonlite Skate boot due to its more relaxed fit and the “locked in” control that the forefoot strap provides. For classic skiing, all Fischer athletes continue to use the newest version of the Carbonlite Classic boot, which features a redesigned upper and forefoot that provide more ski feel, flexibility, and comfort than ever before.

Carbonlite WS

Perfect fit for the world's fastest women

Carbonlite Classic WS


Carbonlite Skate WS

For the the top female athletes in the Race Code program, Fischer developed the Carbonlite WS models. These models share all the same features as their black-colored counterparts, but are built on a different last that more accurately matches womens' feet. Women will find the arch has been moved back and reduced slightly, the forefoot is more tightly fitted, and the cuff has been lowered slightly. To top it off, Fischer gave the Carbonlite WS models a stylish white graphic that makes them easy to tell apart from the mens' Carbonlite boots.


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