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Watch demonstrations of new and time-tested waxing techniques for glide and kick. Learn about the latest products and how to get the most out of your skis. Demonstrations will range from basic ski base maintenance to performance waxing techniques. Each week there will be plenty of time to get your nagging wax questions answered.

Tuedays 6:30 - 7:30

Fall/Winter Ski Technique + Training Program

We welcome ALL skiing abilities...from beginner to advanced.  Learn to ski or learn to ski faster and more efficiently–for the Birke or just to enjoy Minnesota parks

All classes meet at French Park

Fall/Winter Program ($230)
September 3 – February 4 (23 sessions!)

Fall dryland program ($110)
September 3 – November 19 (12 sessions)

Winter On-Snow program ($140)
December 3 – February 11 (11 sessions)




Fall Program

An “Improve Your XC Skiing” or “get Fit for the Birke” technique and training group for men and women of ALL fitness and skiing abilities. This course is for busy people with busy lives who do not know how to XC ski and want to learn, or busy people who are fit and want to ski faster and need technique improvement!

Fall training involves a fitness assessment (an easy baseline test of current fitness which will be used to measure performance gains!) Roller skis are encouraged but not mandatory. Roller skiers will receive specific ski technique instruction during daylight hours. Non roller ski participants will Nordic pole hike and strength train. After the time change, all groups will focus on specific ski workouts to improve core body strength and coordination. Groups will be divided according to ability.

Social gatherings like our annual October potluck dinner will encourage all participants to gather together, have some fun and break up the training routine.

Winter Program

On-Snow sessions will be based out of French Park unless lack of snow dictates Elm Creek. Sessions will focus on relaxed and effective ski technique for skate skiing. Drills will aim to improve skiers double poling, legs only push, V1, Open Field and V2. Discussions on waxing, training and race strategies will be held prior to each workout and at special Gear West clinics. Also, the annual dessert potluck party is integral to the happiness of the winter training program.

Gear West Wednesday winter training will focus on skate skiing but will offer classic classes with a minimum of five interested skiers. Choose your interest on the registration form and Gear West will get back to you on the classic interest.

Both fall and winter programs will offer an additional clinic (to be scheduled) on discussing fitness training for busy people. We will key in on the most effective workouts for those with limited free time and highlight how differing workouts accomplish various types of fitness.

If you have any questions - call Gear West at 952-473-0377

Ski and Tea Women's Technique Clinic

Announcing Ski and Tea Women's Technique Clinic
Skate or Classic
January 2, 2015
00 Cabin 
9:00 - 11:00 AM
Head Coaches:
Cindy Swift and Jan Guenther
Assistant Coaches:
Nancy Bauer, Carol Fitzgerald, Connie Meek, Bobbi Huot, Sue Scheer, Gretchen Lindgren, Linda Cook
Please print Clinic Flyer and Registration
Pre-Registration Required

High school race - 20K
Saturday, Feb 14th 2015
Snowflake for Men  -  Inga~Lami for Women
Race Schedule
8:30: Snowflake Men's Start - 11 K 
9:15: Inga~Lami Women's Start - 11 K
9:20: High School Race (20k)
11:00: Awards for Men & Women
Snowflake and Inga Lami registration $25
High school 20k race $10